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Welcome to GTTN Radio

Based in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, the Gateway City to the North. A radio station created as a place for Indie bands all over the world to get their music heard. We are genre-free, although we tend to lean more towards the rock side. We love music and love to get music to the people.

*** Warning *** Strong language We DO NOT censor our music or even our DJ's.


Internet radio

We Want Your Music!

If you are an Indie band with recorded original material, we would love to hear your music and put it on the air. All we need is access to your music through a music website such as Bandcamp with a media code or you can simply mail us a copy of your CD, with written permission to burn it to mp3 format for our use or simply send us your mp3's  to We want a chance to get you heard and I am betting you would love that chance too. So click on the link below or go to our contact page and send us your mp3's or CD, plus a basic bio for the band and if you have certain songs you want to be played or not played. We guarantee airplay andwe can't wait to hear your stuff!!!

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