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      We are an internet radio station born from the intention to create a place where Indie acts from all over the world, with original material, that they would like to get heard, can send their music too and get it heard. It's also created as a radio station where people can go to listen to new music that they probably haven't heard yet, some of which may become hits because of you, the people, have decided to make it popular.

My name is Lee Raymond and I am the creator of this venture. I have been a professional musician, off and on, for over 25 years. I understand how hard it is to have your music heard. I understand and see how flooded with material, the market is. I never made the "big time", and I'm betting most of you have never heard any of my music. It really is a sad feeling when you pour your heart and soul into creating and your creation goes without being heard or seen. This is why I have created this venue. I want everyone to be heard, I want everyone to have that chance to show off their creation.